• Kekceva domacija


    Inspiring rural accommodation for corporate events or private holiday lodging, also known as a beloved wedding venue of many happily married couples.

Allow your spirit to be awakened by a multi-sensual experience of pure nature, alpine freshness, local gourmet culinary, fairytale accommodation and unmatched hospitality of hosts, Joži and Mitja. Imagine waking up in a log cottage, surrounded with meadows embraced by the alpine summits, right under the Jalovec peak. A deep breath of a fresh air, pristine local flavours, and restful sounds of nature will make time stop for you to recharge your body and soul.

Hosts of Kekceva domacija

Joži in Mitja

The passion that Joži and Mitja make their homestead a piece of paradise with, speaks through the view, taste, smell, sound and touch of the charming rural accommodation for your leisure time, wedding day or corporate event. Place is filled with their contagious peaceful energy, making everything perfect for your stay. Understanding, you chose this diamond of lodging away from the everyday noise for a reason, they make sure you have peace and quiet you came for. However, when you need them, they will always be on the reach of your hand.

Highly intuitive, original and enthusiastic Mitja reminds his friends of Kekec, a local story figure, who is known for his joyful, innovative, playful, but most of all, good-willing character. But as every man needs a better half for a full and joyful life, Joži, his life-long partner balances him steadily with her gentle ratio, kind heart, and calming wisdom. Two amazing people growing together each and every day, taking great steps into unknown and creating opportunities for their new and regular guests to enjoy life simply by following their dreams.

Joži and Mitja are welcoming you with open doors and hearts into their one of a kind piece of paradise. Here with them, you will feel right to steal moments from everyday rush and give life added value in a way you never thought you could.

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